• We are committed to fairness for all Applicants
  • Please feel free to contact our GME office if you have additional and specific questions unanswered on our website.
  • We will begin reviewing applications in September and contacting potential interviewees in early October for interviews
  • Our Interviews take place between November and January

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum USMLE score?

     All candidates with a passing USMLE I and/or COMLEX I score are candidates for interview. 

Q: Is it possible for couples to interview on the same day?

     We are a family-friendly institution. As such, we will do what we can to ensure that significant others can interview on the          same day. E-Mail UMMedicine@holy-cross.com directly so we note this request.

I need to reschedule! How do I do that?

      No problem! We’ll get you here when it works for you. If it is 15 days or more prior to interview, simply go                                       to www.interviewbroker.comand change your interview date. If you are within 14 days of your interview date, e-                           mail UMMedicine@holy-cross.com with your currently scheduled date and two date options that work better for you. We’ll       confirm a date within 48-hours of receiving the request.

Are there special requirements for candidates who graduated more than two years ago?

     Candidates with a graduation date of, or prior to, December 2012 must provide evidence of active involvement in a clinical        practice between medical school graduation and application date. Acceptable documentation may include service as a                medical officer in the military, National Health Service Corps, Indian Health Service experience, or completion of a similar          government or public health related service obligation. Completion of a clinically relevant advanced degree, involvement in      postdoctoral research, or other clinically relevant research activities immediately following graduation from medical school      may be accepted in lieu of clinical experience at the discretion of the Program Administrator and the Program Director.

Does experience as an observer, shadower, or volunteer in the U.S. health system count as active involvement in a              clinical practice?

     While each of these roles provides valuable learning experiences to the participant, these opportunities do not provide              hands-on patient care. As such, we will evaluate such experiences on a case by case basis.

Do you support any visas?

     Yes, we sponsor J-1 visas only.

Q: When are USMLE and/or COMLEX II CK and CS scores due?

     USMLE II CK and CS scores or COMLEX II scores are due at time of interview.
     ​If unavailable, proof of registration may be substituted as a place marker until scores are available to submit. Passing                  USMLE II CK and CS scores must be submitted to the GME office by February 1st. 

Q: Are USMLE scores required for osteopathic applicants?

​     No, but they are preferred. Osteopathic applicants need only provide a COMLEX transcript. If both transcripts are provided,      the stronger score will be used in the review process.

Do you have a sample contract I can look at?

     Yes, it can be viewed by clicking here. A printed version is provided at interview.

​ Q: 
How can we contact you for further information?

       We would love to hear from you! Here’s how you can get us by...

       U.S. Mail: 4725 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308

       Email: UMMedicine@holy-cross.com

       Phone: (954) 938-3359

       Fax: (954) 492 – 5790